Why choose ABMI to sell your business?



  • 30 years in business.
  • Over 1000 business transactions.
  • Confidentiality.
  • Value building advice.
  • Proven transactions systems.
  • Long-standing buyer relationships.
  • Regular transaction updates keep you informed.
  • Performance driven fee structure.

For most business owners, selling up is a once in a lifetime opportunity to reap the rewards for decades of hard work. Whatever the reason for selling you’ll want to do it confidentially, quickly, without distraction and for the best possible price.

The actual process of selling a business is a full time job from beginning to end and requires a team of experts. You may have already felt the need or desire to engage with an an experienced team to ensure no mistakes are made and everything is done properly. This is where ABMI excels.

30 years and over 1000 businesses sold…

There are many ways you can choose to sell your business. ABMI has withstood the test of time with our proven expertise and relationship driven model. The simple truth is that sellers who use ABMI get a better return on their investment and enjoy a seamless experience.

If you’ve been searching the web to learn about business transactions, it has already become apparent that there are a myriad of choices. Not only that, much of the information is conflicting and contradictory.

You can trust that our 30 years of experience in facilitating over 1000 transactions affords ABMI a unique perspective.  We know how to dramatically increase the deal value of your business. We know how to advise you about your interests, expertly manage the selling process and give you peace of mind through the selling process.

There are no short cuts to selling a business or “newly discovered secrets.” It involves a methodical approach and attention to the right details and communication throughout. At ABMI selling a business involves a blend of our proven systems and relationship driven model.

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