Established 48-year old local manufacturing company.  Over $8,000,000 revenue with a net of $700,000. Strategically located in the Midwest.  Great industry reputation. High volume J-I-T operation.  Long-term customer relationships through the US. Consistent and growing profitability with diversified customer base.

They have a large, very loyal and well-diversified customer base. No one customer represents more than 6% of revenues.

Management has done an excellent job of building customer loyalty by providing low cost, high quality services and products. They have a great reputation for being very responsive to customer needs and pride themselves with on-time deliveries. The Company has approximately 50 dedicated employees. Many of these employees have been with the Company for 20+ years. The Company’s gross and net margins favorably compare with industry averages.

Two of the owners have a desire to retire after a reasonable transition period and the others are willing to remain if the buyer desires.