Negotiation Only 


Sometimes the opportunity comes to you


It is not uncommon for a business owner to receive an offer for their business out-of-the-blue. If you’re simply not interested in selling, these offers carry little weight. However, if you are inclined to sell and move on, you’ll need a savvy negotiator to represent your interests. And that is precisely the value that ABMI’s Negotiation Only service brings to the table.

If you’ve received an offer for your business and need someone to represent your interests, give ABMI a call. Our experts will discuss your options and how best to maximize your return.

Nobody likes to be “the heavy.” However, in negotiations of this nature, sometimes a firm approach is needed. ABMI can serve as a buffer between you and the potential buyer, asking questions and taking positions that may be uncomfortable for you to do on your own. An experienced third party can be very useful in this regard.

With a combined 39 years’ experience successfully advising owners, shareholders and investment groups on selling their businesses, we have negotiated the sale of companies valued at $100,000 to millions.

Experience. Integrity. Aggressiveness. ABMI delivers.