nature-garden-grass-lawnStarted in 2008, this lawn and landscape company has always been operated as a 2nd income to the current owner’s full-time job.  In 2010, despite the lawn service remaining a hobby business, the owner found himself servicing over 200 clients and generating significant revenues.  It was too much with his full-time job and he selectively scaled back operations. Today, the business services approximately 100 clients, generates $155K in revenue and offers 40% Seller’s Discretionary Earnings.  The best part about the hand-picked clientele of this business is that they are mostly located within a 1 mile radius in an upscale suburb of Kansas City which greatly reduces traveling between jobs.  This efficient lawn care crew services residential customers, Home Owners Associations and a couple commercial accounts and completes most mowing work in 2-3 days a week.  The company has a reputation for great services and reliability.  There is also an opportunity to grow the business significantly as the owner does no advertising and frequently turns away business not within his geographic preference.  The current equipment can service a business double in accounts.  As a new owner, there are many directions you can take the business, but it is primed for growth.  The present owner will either sell quickly or wait until next year – so please call today!