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Remediation is becoming a booming business and ABMI is proud to offer a profitable opportunity to break into this industry.  This is an entirely unique business without competition and the only limit to sales growth is the operator’s ability to keep up with demand.  This business provides a very unique approach in both target marketing and inspections. The proof is in the results.  Sales in 2013 of $366,69 with cash flow of $228,749, sales in 2014 of $545,029 with cash flow of $312,000, sales in 2015 of $704,863 with cash flow of $326,810, and 2016 is tracking revenues to be nearly $800,000!  This combination of services provides a solid foundation for continued growth for years to come. The business processes, systems, advertising, and concept are ready to expand as quickly as an owner is able. The current owner wants to retire and feels that the market remains virtually untapped.  If you have not considered this type of business before, no experience in this field is not a hindrance to successful ownership.  The present owner feels that publicity efforts would generate more business than he is able to manage at this point.  He has brought the business this far by only word of mouth with no direct-to-consumer advertising!