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I had the pleasure of working with Joe at ABMI. Joe works with a high degree of integrity and is absolutely committed to serving his clients with the utmost of care. He truly wants to serve his client’s best interest, respects the important nature of the transaction for the client and will work diligently to help them achieve the best results. Joe exhibits an entrepreneurial spirit that motivates others and help him to truly understand his clients. If you are a client seeking counsel on an exit strategy or assistance in selling your business, I would highly recommend Joe and ABMI.

Lance Cleaver, CEO, Cleaver Consulting


I would recommend Joe and his team to anyone – with no reservations. He is a man of the highest integrity and business acumen. His team is the best in the business of “Selling Businesses”. They sold my Casino Company, Specialty House of Creation, in 6 weeks – had 4 buyers interested, and unlike most companies, Joe and his team do not work with the ‘self interest’ attitude that sours most business relationships. Instead he genuinely cares about everyone, from a truly kind point of view. Working with him was a great joy.

Ken Stambler, CEO, K-HAR Design & Promotion Studio


Joe is a close personal friend, who has mentored me throughout a number of successful businesses I have built over the past 20 years. Joe has an uncanny ability to think outside of the box. His brilliance in creating viable options that break through complex business challenges, has been a true blessing to me.

Joe brings a formidable combination of experience, creativity and passion to all he does.

I always enjoying my time brainstorming with Joe… I would highly recommend Joe for any endeavor.

Shawn Bishop, Co-Founder, at Simplexit Ventures, LLC


Joe manages relationships in such a refreshing way in the world of deal-making. He not only exudes the utmost in ethics and character throughout each process, but has a tremendous passion for seeing clients satisfied with results. It has truly been a joy working with Joe at ABMI and he is an amazing leader for our company.

Rex Reinhardt, Managing Partner/Founder of Great Plains Capital Partners, LLC


It is such a pleasure to have the opportunity to work with Joe. His commitment to his customers, employees, and business associates is truly admirable. Joe shows outstanding leadership through his passion for any endeavor he encounters, especially Vinco Partners, LLC.

If you are looking for the best results in any business venture, I highly recommend Joe for his experience, integrity, and passion.

David Wagner, CPA, Controller/Accounting & Finance Consultant