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 Joseph P. Bodine, CEOFind me on my Linkedin!


Joe Bodine is recognized as a strategic expert in mergers and acquisitions. He credits his distinguished business achievements to his visionary approach and strong customer focus. Having owned and sold numerous, successful companies from across diverse industry lines, Joe is a skilled consensus builder who brings together like-minded parties in order to create tangible deals.

A committed, lifetime entrepreneur, Joe’s foresight and confidence led him to pursue several business endeavors from an early age. At 21 years old, he created a national business selling framed artwork on college campuses, which ultimately evolved into a chain of art galleries and frame shops. Joe was just 27 when he acquired ABMI, beginning his career in mergers and acquisitions and as an equity investor in other business ventures. Joe leverages a wide network of relationships and variety of unique business experiences to maximize value for his clients.

Through its network of brokers, ABMI provides sound representation of sellers and buyers, connects teams with capital, and consults on management/strategic planning efforts. Exhibiting a firm understanding of the landscape, Joe guides private equity firms, high net-worth individuals, and investors through a complex world of buying competitors, management buyouts (MBO), and outright business sales.

Joe currently sits on the Board of Directors at Digital Pipelines and he also serves as an advisor to several other companies . He is deeply committed to and passionate about advancing community education initiatives, generously donating his time, energy and earnings to support good work. Because of his highly empathetic nature, Joe introduced and executes a private scholarship fund that provides monetary assistance to qualifying families.