boxes-1416485Unique opportunity to buy 70%+ (up to 100% available) stake in a fast-growing company in a growing industry.  Current ownership team is seeking the right ownership partner to help take the business to the next level.  The businesses financial history includes a very impressive FY ’14: $3.98mm; FY ’15: $4.54mm; and FY ’16: $6.61mm annual gross revenue with an average 39% profit margin. Recurring sales in multiple sales channels and a management team with a proven track record.  This 10-year-old business assembles and distributes a variety of unique products used by Federal (Homeland Security), State and City governments (Law Enforcement) and private and public companies. In addition to the aforementioned customers, sales are generated through eCommerce sites, in-house direct sales staff, trade shows and personal visits by the sales, management and ownership team. Additionally, this business has a licensing agreement, as well as patents, on an emerging product that is projected to become an increasing source of revenue in the future.  Not only does this distribution business have a reputation as an industry leader, but has a seasoned team of industry professionals who’ve come together to build a great company. The ownership team is seeking help with business strategy and administration such as finance, HR and legal in order to allow them to focus on growth opportunities. Management is ideally interested in remaining with the company for two to five years to help grow the enterprise value of this company. With an increasing market appetite for their products and revenues increasing year-over-year, now is the time to get in on this successful business. Interested parties will need to sign a confidentiality agreement and answer a few basic questions for ownership to determine if they meet the requirements to proceed in the process.