Blueprint Ad PictureFor $1.2 million a buyer can enter the General Construction Management Services Industry by acquiring an established company with a strong pipeline. The business has a $70 million public sector job starting in Q1 2021 and is expected to generate more than $870,000 in net profits in 2020. Then beginning in 2021, over an 18-month period the company is projected to generate an additional $2 million in net profits based on the public sector project.

The current owner, who founded the business more than 25 years ago, is committed to staying engaged with the business to help manage the existing pipeline jobs through the acquisition. This owner/operator excels in the sales side of the business and would like to stay engaged with developing new business while assisting with the existing pipeline.

With this acquisition a buyer will gain the value of a general construction management services business that has a successful track record of public jobs; this is a competitive advantage and necessary to successfully bid on future public sector projects. Plus, the current owner will stay engaged for a period of time to provide guidance and continuity within the business. Now is the time to buy with the strong pipeline, a highly experienced staff, and the excellent reputation of the company. Inquire today!

Asking Price = 1,200,000

Cash Flow = 775,000