About ABMI


Over the past three decades, ABMI has facilitated the sale of businesses all over the country—ranging in price from $100,000 to $20 million. From family businesses to partnerships, LLC’s, corporations and franchises, ABMI’s experience in the industry is far-reaching.

Having sold over 1,000 businesses, ABMI is the largest and oldest firm of its kind in the Midwest, with more than 6,000 active buyers and sellers.

ABMI’s selling process involves understanding a business, its owners, its employees, what it does, and the environment/sector in which it operates. We offer a proven business transaction system, experience, and expertise and combine it with creativity, hard work and determination to ensure that we deliver the results our clients demand.

Unparalleled 30 years’ experience

There’s a reason ABMI has been around for more than 30 years: Our underlying integrity and commitment to client satisfaction have defined and directed our business for over three decades and are best-in-class. To put it simply, ABMI does a better job of satisfying client expectations and delivering results than any of its competitors.

Over 1000 business transactions completed

When you are evaluating resources to help sell your business, experience is always a primary concern. Can ABMI deliver a successful transaction for your situation?  The answer is a resounding yes. When you consider that ABMI has successfully completed over 1000 transactions, you can have complete confidence that we will complete yours as well.

Promises delivered

ABMI fulfills a vision built on a tried-and-true transaction model that focuses on clients\’ needs and concerns. As a result, our client expectations are met and exceeded by design. In short, we deliver.

Confidential and discreet

Confidentiality is a key concern in any business transaction. As such, ABMI has developed a system to ensure all client information is held in strict confidence through each step in the transaction process.

Client-centered transaction management

Our clients enjoy direct access to and communication with everyone accountable for bringing their transaction to a successful conclusion. In addition, ABMI assigns an experienced business advisor to oversee the transaction from start to finish and ensure that everything progresses as planned. Our clients consistently tell us how much they appreciate prompt and immediate response to all their questions and concerns throughout the transaction lifecycle and beyond.

Internal investment

ABMI continuously evolves its processes to improve the client experience. Whether it’s internal staff training, market analysis and research, or IT systems, we are always asking ourselves this question: “How can we serve our clients’ needs more effectively?” Our systems and processes reflect the fact that we’ve been employing this philosophy for more than three decades.

Client communication systems

Regular communication and a clear understanding of what’s going on are vital to any business sale. As a client of ABMI, you’ll receive prompt, accurate feedback and reporting to keep you informed at every stage of the process.

Well-connected to buyers

ABMI’s reputation has allowed us to connect with more qualified buyers than you might be prepared to believe. In fact, one of the powerful values ABMI brings to the table is the number of qualified buyers already familiar with its reputation for integrity—buyers ready to compete for businesses being sold.

The Man in Charge

 Joseph P. Bodine, CEO, Sr. Business BrokerFind me on my Linkedin!


Joe Bodine is recognized as a strategic expert in mergers and acquisitions. He credits his distinguished business achievements to his visionary approach and strong customer focus. Having owned and sold numerous, successful companies from across diverse industry lines, Joe is a skilled consensus builder who brings together like-minded parties in order to create tangible deals.

A committed, lifetime entrepreneur, Joe’s foresight and confidence led him to pursue several business endeavors from an early age. At 21 years old, he created a national business selling framed artwork on college campuses, which ultimately evolved into a chain of art galleries and frame shops. Joe was just 27 when he acquired ABMI, beginning his career in mergers and acquisitions and as an equity investor in other business ventures. Joe leverages a wide network of relationships and variety of unique business experiences to maximize value for his clients.

Through its network of brokers, ABMI provides sound representation of sellers and buyers, connects teams with capital, and consults on management/strategic planning efforts. Exhibiting a firm understanding of the landscape, Joe guides private equity firms, high net-worth individuals, and investors through a complex world of buying competitors, management buyouts (MBO), and outright business sales.

Joe currently sits on the Board of Directors at Digital Pipelines. He is deeply committed to and passionate about advancing community education initiatives, generously donating his time, energy and earnings to support good work. Because of his highly empathetic nature, Joe introduced and executes a private scholarship fund that provides monetary assistance to qualifying families. He also serves as an advisor to several companies, as well as Reaching Out Ministries in Kansas City.

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